Awareness Events

Our society organizes various events and activities domestically with which we hope to increase the overall awareness and literacy about the disease. These events include lectures and presentations about tuberculosis, the general situation in Germany and worldwide, as well as the work of our partner organizations and our collaboration. These charity and awareness events can also range from dinners and catering to parties and drinks as well as sporting activities.

Berliner Bar Afterwork presentation

One such event took place on 25 April 2012, as Luan was allowed to present at the Berliner Afterwork event of the charitable organization Kirche in Aktion (KiA) at the Berliner Bar in Frankfurt. During this presentation, Luan was able to discuss tuberculosis and the work in India. The audience, which also included society members, was comprised of around 20-30 young, engaged individuals who meet every two weeks in order to learn more about charitable organizations such as ours. We first presented the video, which can be seen on our homepage and the rest of the time described the disease itself, the critical situation in which we find ourselves and what is currently done to combat it. As time was running out, we were even invited to come back for a second time and were allowed to give another presentation on 05 September 2012.

Rally around the Black Sea


Furthermore, in August 2013 Oktay Konanc and Daniel Scholz, two members of our society used a rally around the Black Sea to hold a fundraising event for our society. The goal of the rally was to cross through 11 countries in 16 days and leave 8000 km behind them. In addition to beautiful pictures and exciting experiences, the boys even managed to collect €800 in donations for our society!


British International School HCMC guest lecture & World TB Week

BIS HCMC lecture 3

In May we taught two classes of ninth graders of the British International School HCMC about TB and were promptly rewarded with new awareness building material. The British International School Ho Chi Minh City is a private school with over 1,800 students. In May we were allowed to hold a presentation about TB for two ninth grade classes during their biology lesson. During the lesson, we conveyed a large variety of information around the disease and its treatment, we played role playing games and answered their questions such as whether or not their pets could get TB. (Would you know the answer?)

All kids were very engaged during the lesson. However, the most encouraging part was that a few weeks later, their teacher sent me emails with various material that the kids had created for our society to use for our awareness building efforts. Here’s one example of their work. In the future we will try to coordinate similar awareness building initiatives, particularly for the World TB Day next year.

Based on this guest lecture, students held a whole week of events in honor of world TB day in March 2015 that served to raise awareness about TB among student body, parents, teaching staff and support staff. These events included presentations, school newsletter articles and digital posters displayed across on the school grounds.

Hence, we would like to express a big thank you to the following students for their wonderful dedication and engagement: Carola di Bella, Hikaru Hotta, Shane Kang, David Kim, Hok Yin Kong, Sean Neo, Nathalie Sim, Wen Xin Teh, Gin To, Carol Nguyen, Hoang Mai Khanh Le and Ngoc Anh Pham.

BIS HCMC WTD 2015IMG_1473Newsletter articleDigital poster

Awareness event for World TB Day 2015 in Munich with the Kuratorium Tuberkulose in der Welt


A wonderful event hall filled with 100 people that wanted to learn from the many, great presentations about Tuberculosis. Of course, you also cannot forget the lavish buffet of scrumptious food and drinks as well as the joyous mingling that was supposed to end at half past nine but lasted closer to evelen o‘ clock. That was our awareness event in honor of World TB Day on March 19th, 2015 in the Munich city hall.

We want to say a very special thank you to our society member Carolin, who made the special trip to Munich to share her personal experiences with the illness. There are numerous experts on this world that talk about TB, but very few of them were actual patients and it was clear that all participants greatly appreciated Carolin’s courage and insights. With the words of Harald Hoffmann, the chairman of the Kuratorium: „I’m still really euphoric about the success of the evening.“ We look forward to many more events like these in the future.

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