Key metrics

Our projects and the promotion of the projects of our partner organizations focus on combating the causes of and providing proper treatment for TB to reduce the rate of infection and avoid the formation of resistant forms of tuberculosis.

Our funded projects resulted in newly identified patients who were not covered by the public health service in Vietnam, and in the successful treatment of these TB patients. Our society was able to verify these results through project Proper Care in Vietnam, which was implemented in coordination with local organizations and authorities under the initiative of our CEO Luan Vo.

Most of our activities are carried out voluntarily. Furthermore, to ensure responsible cost management administrative expenses are checked and verified repeatedly throughout the year. Thus 85% of the donations are used directly to support our projects. The finances we supply to our projects are sourced 100% through private donations. These private donations were collected in part during presentations and charity campaigns. Therefore we will continue to have to rely on your support.

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