Key members

In accordance to our bylaws and our commitment to charity work, all board and society members fulfill their duties in a voluntary fashion without any financial compensation for their efforts. The main functionaries of the society have been listed below.

Profil - Luan Vo (formal)Luan Vo Nguyen Quang, Chairman & CEO – Over the past few years Luan has established new collaboration opportunities for FIT e.V. in Vietnam with the government’s Regional TB Control Program and the Public Health Association HCMC as well as sponsors such as Otsuka and the Global Health & Education Trust. Together with these partners he is currently leading a TB eradication project in Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In general, he primarily provides on-site assistance in developing countries and secondarily engages in fundraising efforts as speaker at presentations and discussion. Furthermore, Luan addresses administrative tasks that can be handled from a distance.




Profil - Joerg Preuss (formal)Jörg Preuß, 1. Deputy Chairman – Jörg is employed with the international audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG responsible for growth strategies, market entry strategies and commercial due diligence in Munich. Holding the second leadership position of the society, Jörg is responsible for executive and administrative tasks that have to be carried out locally at the site of registration of the society in Munich. Additionally, Jörg further contributes in leading partnership development and awareness building events for the society.




Markus Ostern, 2. deputy Chairman (Advocacy) – Markus is currently working for the Japanese motorcycle supplier Showa to establish a company presence on the European mainland. Markus handles planning and execution of marketing and advocacy events to strengthen awareness about tuberculosis and our society in Germany. Furthermore, Markus supports the society in matters related to organizational development and long-term strategy as well as handles other local, administrative matters.




Profil - Markus Greif 2 (formal)Markus Greif, Treasurer – Markus is also employed with an international audit, tax and advisory firm, Ernst & Young, and currently lives in Berlin. Markus occupies the role of treasurer for the society and thereby holds responsibility for all of the society’s financial matters. Furthermore, as the third officer of the society Markus handles all other general duties such as the creation of the Logo.




Profil - Raffaele Zarbo (formal)Raffaele Zarbo, Internal Auditor – Raffaele is currently self-employed and owner of the catering company Licata Catering and the pizzeria chain Pizzeria Licata in Frankfurt. Raffaele currently serves as internal auditor for our society. Raffaele supports the organization by performing the annual audit of the finances of the society in the role of internal auditor independent from the board of directors.




Niels Eckhardt, IT Manager – Currently employed with the DVAG as a project manager in the Apps Development department. Niels is responsible for hosting and maintenance of the website. Niels is also in charge of planning and leading potential future IT projects of the society.



Profil - Frank Wohlfarth (formal)Frank Wohlfarth, founding member – Frank is currently working for an Australian rice producer as head of purchasing. As one of the seven founding members Frank contributes by carrying out administrative tasks on occasion.






Profil - Sasa Jockovic (formal)

Sasa Jockovic, founding member – Sasa is a learned and trained restaurateur in Frankfurt. Sasa’s support for the association lies in his expertise and relationships in catering for promotional and fundraising events.





Profil - Tiffany Talsma (formal)Tiffany Talsma, Secretary – Tiffany works as a finance specialist with the innovative wast management organization Waste Impact as well as an independent consultant for the World Bank. Tiffany manages various administrative tasks and is exploring the opportunity to incorporate a mobile app for our project in Vietnam.