Our core mission consists primarily of the ideological and financial support of charitable organizations around the world and their humanitarian and development projects to mitigate, control and prevent tuberculosis.

The support we aim to provide is achieved in particular by raising funds and donations as well as through the implementation of public relations and awareness building work of all kinds. In light of these requirements we strive to conduct the following three core activities:

  • Awareness Events: The organization and execution of events to promote public education with respect to the subject of tuberculosis, the extent of the disease, the recognition of the symptoms and at the precautions against infections, which can easily occur on a vacation in one of the developing countries, for example.
  • Funding: Our second core activity is the collection of donations that we pass on to organizations involved in TB control that meet our requirements in terms of effectiveness, innovation and transparency. Donations that we collect throughout the course of the year, net of minimal administrative costs, are transferred to the recipient organization immediately by the end of the year.
  • Project Assistance: If our members are interested, we also try to facilitate local volunteering work in developing countries. This is done by connecting those members to value-adding organizations that are willing to offer the posted person a valuable experience that takes advantage of their skills, experience and interests.