Out of sight, out of mind…only to return stronger.

Here is a detailed article about TB and drug resistance, which describes the seriousness of the disease in Europe:

Tuberculosis – an old plague comes back stronger

25.02.13 @ 09:07

Over the course of two weeks in 2011, Stefan Radut lost seven kilos in weight. He coughed constantly. He was chronically tired and had difficulty sleeping. His girlfriend finally persuaded him to go to a doctor.

There he discovered he had tuberculosis (TB) – an illness he thought belonged to the history books.

“I didn’t know anything about this disease. I thought it was eradicated,” says Stefan

But there was a still grimmer surprise to come. Stefan, a 24-year old university graduate from Romania, did not just have a normal version of the bacterial lung disease. He had a drug-resistant strain. The first line of antibiotics did not work.

The rest can be found under the following link: http://euobserver.com/social/119101

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