Microsoft joins the fight against TB

Yesterday Microsoft published an article about its work on an attendance monitoring system that is supposed to ensure proper adherence to TB treatment. This technology is based on a laptop, a fingerprint reader and a cell phone or SMS modem. Using these three components and the software developed by Microsoft, Operation ASHA has already treated thousands of patients successfully and has prevented dozens of defaults.

BANGALORE, India — Dec. 3, 2012 — Giri Prasad, a 33-year-old tailor who lives in Delhi, first noticed the pain below his ribs. He went to see a doctor, but when it didn’t subside, he traveled to the hospital where he eventually learned he had tuberculosis.

“There were many problems because first and foremost, I am the bread earner for the family,” he says. “If the bread earner falls ill, it is a real problem for those who are dependent on him. Here in the city the biggest problem is that if one falls sick, there is no other person who will come help.”

Read the entire article here.

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