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Why we urgently need a new, effective TB vaccine

Aeras is a non-profit biotech organization, whose Mission is to drive and support research for a new, effective vaccine against TB. The organization has created and published a wonderful series of documentary short-films about TB, drug resistance and the urgent

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Tuberculosis is simply too expensive to ignore!

A new study published by the University Medical Hospital Schleswig-Holstein uncovered that treating TB in Europe could cost between €10,000 and €170,000, depending on the level of drug resistance. Furthermore, the study determined that the annual economic burden of the

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Finally something new after 50 years

After 50 years without notable progress in the field of TB medication something is finally happening. The German business nwespaper Handelsblatt offers a good, short review of the latest developments a few days ago. Below is and excerpt and the

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Experiences of a TB patient…from our part of the world

Today’s blog entry is the story of a Tuberculosis patient, who generously offered to share her experience with us in support of our outreach work and to strengthen the general awareness about TB. At the same time, our patient represents

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Out of sight, out of mind…only to return stronger.

Here is a detailed article about TB and drug resistance, which describes the seriousness of the disease in Europe: Tuberculosis – an old plague comes back stronger 25.02.13 @ 09:07 Over the course of two weeks in 2011, Stefan Radut

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Microsoft joins the fight against TB

Yesterday Microsoft published an article about its work on an attendance monitoring system that is supposed to ensure proper adherence to TB treatment. This technology is based on a laptop, a fingerprint reader and a cell phone or SMS modem.

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Operation ASHA wins Wall Street Journal prize

Operation ASHA wins another prize. This time it is awarded by the Wall Street Journal in the US. the prize is in the category Health-Care IT. You can read the article here. The following is a note from the editor,

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How quickly TB could be a problem for us…

…becomes apparent from this article from the USA. The problem is exacerbated by funding cuts for special hospitals that traditionally had tended to resilient, drug-resistant forms of TB: Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret State rushes closure of

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